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Daily Journal

Do you journal each day?

How long of a streak are you on?

Each day? Week?

Not specifics but what do you track or write down?

Feelings, goals, achievements, food, etc

Im on a streak myself of stacking days and weeks on top of one another...

My current journal has questions and check boxes to get the brain going.

Todays question is what do I do or have done that is fun...simple enough...and then of course it says "try and do these things more often":)

The time with my immediate family was on top of my list...didn't matter what it was, just that we were doing it together.

Another was working out with people...the last 3 years have been mostly on Zoom, which I enjoy every week! It keeps me accountable and I get to just be myself and not make myself into some character to prove anything.

Im not sure if they even makes sense.

Last week I sucked it up and joined a workout class.

It was awesome! Being right along others who are getting after it!

I wrote that great memory in my journal.

I also wrote down about these emails to you.

I so appreciate that you've at least opened it and even more that you've read this far.

Im on the verge of creating more content and value for you.

A fear would be someone unsubscribing because of junk I put out.

I promised myself that I would never email garbage...that I would take the time to create an email worthy of a whole read and or watch.

That was my journal input today.

I'd love to hear what you journal and how it helps you.

Thanks again for reading this far:)

I hope to workout with you on Zoom or in person soon.

Make it a great day!


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