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How Did I Get Here....

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hey ya'll!

Well here I'am with my very first website! How on Earth did this happen???

I'll share my last 10 year journey in another Blog post...this one will be about my current status of becoming a relatively overnight entrepreneur (funny! I don't even know how to spell that!;) Good thing for spell check and that red line!

I'm a fitness fanatic...In March of 2020 (The year of Covid) I decided to go Live on Facebook, to see if anyone wanted to join me for my Friday morning cardio that I do...low and behold! about 6-7 hopped on...each Friday morning...I would do my usual Morning Madness routine that I was fortunate to be a Cast Member in for Tony Horton and his Next Level program...and least not forget that I was blessed to be side by side with Olympic athlete Tasha Danvers!

Week after week...sweat session after sweat session...folks from around the country were hopping on and doing the workout with me virtually...which I can only confirm by their comments during the Live workout...hmmm I thought, after one of the sessions...I kinda tired just watching me on my screen...I want to see the others well:)

Enter Zoom...I was using Zoom for years prior this year, but wow! how that became a household name and Zoom admittedly not being prepared for the massive growth and sudden rise in users!

I finally asked the badasses showing up each week, "hey, what do ya'll think about doing this on Zoom?" Now was my chance to put them to the test and be "seen" by all of us! I had no doubt, as I got to know them, that they were all in! and would love to do it together AND be seen on others screens!

First there were 6...then 10...then 9...then 12...then 15...and before you know it, we've had as many as 25-30 badasses from all over the world, working out together and doing the same routine week in and week out! I'm willing to wager that many of them can do it with their eyes closed;)

Each week I would post on Facebook "who's in for the workout in the morning"??

In the early months, I would have fun with them and ask "who has their Badass Pass for todays workout?"...which became a "ticket"...which became a "ticket to Sweatville"...I have no idea where it came from in my brain...I simply blurted it out "lets go to Sweatville"! and so it began..."who wants a ticket to Sweatville" would be my posts on Facebook or Instagram... week would be filled with managing the local 9 hole golf course with an amazing team, who hunkered down and ran the facility under the incredible pressure of Covid and the restrictions that we had to police.

My job of 15 awesome years was coming to an end...the property owners had decided to commit to a deal with a new company and bring them in to rebuild the entire property. Which basically meant that myself and our team were out. The writing had been on the wall for about 10 years, so it did not come as a surprise when it finally happened...

What was I do...find another golf job? management job? try and teach golf somewhere? I was perplexed and had to have a serious soul search at this point..."Was I that passionate about this fitness journey and subsequent collection and community of amazing people enough, to really "lean into it" and make something of it?? It was evident each week, how much it filled my much vibrations I was receiving from so many!

Then this day came...Garrett...a "passenger" on our train to Sweatville, create this cool "train ticket"....worn out, tired looking, possibly folded in a back pocket, wallet, purse...but always there...ready to be handed to the "conductor":) to get onboard.

This leads me to the moment...the moment I realized I needed a "hub"...a website where people can come to and find out all they need to know about our train to Sweatville. In a few days of me typing...this logo above, will be available on a few shirt colors to start out...then who knows where it goes from there.

Now the train schedule consists of 3 train lines...Mondays at 3pm PT, (Cardio/Hundred Mo), Wednesdays for Ab City at 3pm PT, Fridays at 7:00am PT and now a new departure was added on Saturday mornings at 7am PT for a new mix of everything!

The train runs on contributions to me each way of PayPal, Venmo or Zello apps. They're never mandatory but thoroughly appreciated as I navigate this next chapter of my life.

I hope to see you on the "platform" of a future train ride to Sweatville! The Zoom workout links can be found on my site's Schedule of events.

Thanks for reading about How I Got Here....with my very own website and hub of energy!

Fittingly yours!

Scotty Mo

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1 Comment

Antoinette Nina
Antoinette Nina
Jun 21, 2021

When one door closes, another one opens! Happy for you to be following your passion.

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