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Stack 7 update..

I've had several private zooms with people who invested in my very first version of Stack 7. Each and every conversation sheds a new light on what I wanted this to do or provide.

"Stack 1", "Stacking things in my favor", "Seemed simple to follow" name a few bullets I wrote down.

I'm so over the moon with appreciation, that you took the time to see what S7 is all about and now possibly looking to commit to a Full Send Stack week!...I just came up with that name...not sure if it sticks but whatever!:)...I'll run with it and see what we can do.

One point that I bring up at each of these zoom chats we have, is to offer up the hyper focused S7 week...this is where I"ll create a 7 day FB Messenger group, once per month, that all of us will be hyper focused on fitness, nutrition and taking care of our mind...whatever that means for each.

If this blog post made it to your device/computer screen and need a solid week of getting after it and want the accountability as well...then message me and I'll add you to the list.

This group will be accountable to one another for 7 which time, I'll delete the FB Messenger group and another will be created the following month. My hope is that some folks within the small S7 group, might break off and create a lasting accountability partner (s).

If there is anything I'm trying to promote, it's human connection with each of us...whether it be virtual or in person! Why go it alone? S7 will be about committing to ourselves and our wellness, as well as Stacking conversations, accountability messages, posts on social, etc.

I come to the end of my days and can't wait to go to sleep so I can wake up and connect with someone else...on whatever level that might be...Sweatville, Power Nation, Golf, Plant-Based nutrition, family, etc..

There is no "call to action" with this blog post:) Just me trying to type down my thoughts, after another amazing call with one of you!

Thank you for being part of this 59 year olds journey! and the creation of our Sweatville Club family or now the new Stack 7 program!

Peace, Love and Hugs!


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